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A podcast for the church about bringing up children, hosted by
Howard and Holly Satterthwaite.


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Protein means of first importance. Protein builds and repairs the physical structures of our bodies. This podcast is bitesize protein parenting insights, shared by experienced parents, to strengthen and restore our fathering and mothering muscles.

Season One features Guy and Heather Miller, who have four great grown up kids. Guy leads the Commission (Newfrontiers) movement of churches. Heather currently leads Westminster Chapel's parents and toddlers group, whilst supporting Guy.

Season Two features Geoff and Sherry Surratt, who have two grown up kids and four grandkids. Geoff has been in ministry for 35 years as a family pastor, executive pastor and senior pastor, working with Seacoast Church, Saddleback Church and Exponential, and is now coaching leaders across the UK and Europe. Sherry has led at every level in her 30+ years of ministry experience. She served as Children’s Pastor at Seacoast Church, Leadership Community Director for Leadership Network, CEO of MOPS International and Director of Parenting Strategy for the reThink Group (Orange). You can find out more about them at

Season Three features some amazing couples with very young kids from our church family talking about their parenting experiences from finding out your pregnant to your child's first birthday. For new parents especially this season will be a huge encouragement and blessing to hear other's stories and benefit from their practical wisdom.

Season Four features Kevin and Ness Bartlett, who, with their three kids, planted churches in Salisbury, UK, and Madrid, Spain, where they currently live. It's a conversation about spiritual formation and parenting.

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Parenting Protein (c) Howard and Holly Satterthwaite. With thanks to Mike Tan for soundtrack.

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